Greyshift / Miniartextil 2019

STUDIOOSS is thrilled and honored to have our piece Greyshift selected with 53 other artworks for the 2019 edition of Miniartextil in Como, Italy, September 28—November 17, 2019.

Pleated silk and threads machine stitched on die-cut and painted paper
20cm x 3cm expandable to 35cm
Made in Singapore

Greyshift transforms paper off-cuts from our pop-up book, The Dining Room, into a moveable viewing device that expands from two to three dimensions across the black and white spectrum—from the flat, negative spaces of single planes of paper into a passageway defined by the curious betweens.

Tic-Tac-Toe made with XO out of 100% offcuts

No doubt, we’ve got designer OCD when it comes to all the details, but we’re really very scrappy over here at STUDIOOSS. We love & hoard our offcuts & end-pieces, and we sort & save everything for future use.

That’s why it was a real treat to produce our first zero waste product, our XO Tic-Tac-Toe coaster set. All parts of this set come from offcuts from our OSS Edition 001 The Dining Room pop-up book & our Edition 002 Linens. The playing board is from leftover chipboard used to make the book’s slipcase. The XO coasters are made using end-pieces and offcuts from our linens, and the caddy is made from a mix of our book’s paper offcuts and its slipcase scraps.

offcuts = best cuts


Offcuts at STUDIOOSS

From conception through production, we make ethical design a baseline for our practice at STUDIOOSS. This means we consider the ecological footprint of our materials and process from the start of every project, and we find creative ways to reduce that footprint.

As a rule, STUDIOOSS commits to sourcing sustainable materials for all of our editions and packaging. We work hard to source materials that are recycled and/or naturally ecological from companies that have strong environmental records and are clear and transparent about their products, standards, and partners.

We also rigorously practice material reuse. We make our OSS Editions in-house, and we keep all scraps generated from production to use as materials for STUDIOOSS packaging and for the making of future work.

Our limited edition pop-up book, The Dining Room, generated some amazing paper off-cuts that we decided to incorporate into the design of our OSS Editions packaging. The offcuts went into making custom-made slipcases for the editions. No two are the same, and we think in this case, our case makes a beautiful case for art inside and out.

We've got some other projects up our sleeves with offcuts and end pieces... Stay tuned for what we're up to with our linen scraps – we're smitten and hope you will be too.

23.05.18 & 01.06.18 POP-UPs at SAS

We POP-UPed a couple times to talk shop with some amazing pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten kids at the Singapore American School. We loved showing them our book and the process of its making, they had so many fantastic questions, and they were proud to show us some pop-up skills of their own too. Also, we discovered that several kids at a time can fit inside The Dining Room. Because one at a time wasn't gonna happen. Coolest. Kids. Ever.


28.07.17 | STUDIOOSS talk @spacemob

On July 27, STUDIOOSS gave this talk to a full house at spacemob in Singapore. Thanks to all who were able to attend and to the fab spacemob folks for the invitation.

Brand Identity: Tools for Crafting Who You Are
Building a successful brand requires being able to answer many important questions: what is your product, who are your competitors, and much more. Brand identity often falls last in this process, yet it is one of the most fundamental aspects of your business. Brand identity goes far beyond your name and logo—your brand identity informs everything you do. Your brand identity is what your consumer sees, touches, hears, and feels. In this talk, STUDIOOSS co-founders will be drawing on their fifteen years of experience in design and branding in New York City to show you concrete tools of the trade for answering the question: Who are you? With these tools, you will be better equipped to develop and craft a meaningful, robust, and cohesive brand identity which is core to your company’s success.