STUDIOOSS Applied Arts Collective is a boutique design studio with a commitment to fine craft. We make our own limited edition products, and we offer clients bespoke design services. From conception through production, we practice decorative discipline and ethical design in everything STUDIOOSS.

We make ethical design a baseline for our practice at STUDIOOSS. As a rule, we commit to sourcing sustainable materials for all of our editions and packaging. We also rigorously practice material reuse to minimise our ecological footprint, using the end-pieces and off-cuts from our in-house production of our OSS Editions for the design of STUDIOOSS packaging and for the making of future work.

Paper offcuts of STUDIOOSS Edition pop-up book production

Each year, STUDIOOSS gives a portion of our shop’s profits to a charitable organization doing amazing work. This year, we are giving 10% of profits from our OSS Editions to Room to Read, a global organization transforming the lives of millions of children in low-income countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.


Co-founders Emmanuela Albert and Jessica Blaustein each moved to Singapore in 2015 from New York City where they lived and breathed design in different worlds. When they met in Singapore, it was love at first sight, and they joined forces to create STUDIOOSS as a platform for collaboration with each other and with other artists and designers.

Illustration of STUDIOOSS Co-founders Emmanuela Albert and Jessica Blaustein

STUDIOOSS operates between NewYork City and Singapore. Our physical site of operations is in Singapore, the little red dot we are beginning to know as our second home. And wherever we are working, we know New York as our base and our stomping ground. Our two urban homes are on opposite sides of the Earth in geography and temperament, and those differences enrich our design work. We continue to learn from talented artisans and designers in Southeast Asia and form strong networks for collaborations and projects.